Conquer Common Meeting Problems

Conquer Common Meeting Problems

Say goodbye to low attendance, bad studies, childcare issues, shallow relationships, and more.

You've gone through leader training, picked a great study, and formed a group of people you're excited to get to know. And then you actually start meeting—and you wonder why you ever wanted to be a leader in the first place. Whether it's spotty attendance, a study that bombs, awkward relationships, childcare woes, or another common meeting problem, you're ready to turn in your resignation. But there's hope! We've gathered advice from the experts to help you get back on track.

Note: For a free sample from this Training Tool, read "When Group Attendance Is Spotty."

Leader's Guide


Three Levels of Small-Group Problems
Different problems require different strategies.
By Heather Zempel

Embrace Meeting Problems
God meets us in our struggles to change us for the better.
By Scott Boren

Practical Help

When Group Attendance Is Spotty
How to make the most of low attendance and draw people back to your group
By Sam O'Neal

When a Bible Study Bombs
Can you salvage the study, or is it time to move on?
By Sam O'Neal

When You Have Childcare Issues
Find a good option that honors both the adults and children.
By Trevor Lee

When Your Group Has Plateaued Spiritually
How to infuse new life into your group
By Michael C. Mack

When Your Group Is Ingrown
We love to stay together—but it may be time to break up.
By Allen White

When Relationships Aren't as Deep as You'd Hoped
How to grapple with four challenges to meaningful relationships
By Bill Search

When You Need to Remove a Group Member
It should only be a last resort, but sometimes it's necessary.
By Carolyn Taketa

When Your Group Prayers Fall Flat
Don't settle for ho-hum group prayers.
By Andrew Wheeler


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