Making All Things New with Leah Darrow

From fashion model to Christian evangelist.
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In this episode, Oliver Hersey is joined by Leah Darrow, author of “The Other Side of Beauty” and Kelsey Bowse, who produces this podcast. Leah walks us through her conversion story which includes three key moments: moving to St. Louis as a fifteen year old, encountering Jesus during a fashion modeling photoshoot, and asking her family for help, when she was at a low point. All of these events lead her to a life of discipling women, so they can know who they really are, in light of God's mercy.

She bought into the world’s definition of success, and self-fulfillment. Because of this, she put all of her stock into her outward appearance. Eventually, she was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. Soon after, she found herself in state of spiritual despair. Listen to this podcast to find out how she left the modeling industry, to start her own women’s ministry.


Many people probably know some of your story. But we would love for you to just share a little bit of your conversion story. How did you meet Jesus at your well? Maybe you could talk a little bit about what that experience looked like. [5.41-12]

You’re walking away from everything that so many people can dream about sometimes. I’m kind of glad you got off the show America’s Next Top Model. Now you’re on this show. What did the next few hours look like for you? The next few days, weeks, months? How did that all shake out? [12 – 15.35]

When your dad picked you up from New York City, he did ask you to go to confession. I was just wondering what made you go. How did you begin to see that you weren’t “the sum of our weaknesses and failures” as John Paul II said? [15.35 – 23]

How did you get to the place of realizing that your mission was to create the ‘Do Something Beautiful’ podcast and the Lux app? How did you know that you wanted to create all of these tools for people? How did you know this was your calling? [23 – 30.48]

You’ve promoted the Lux app on your podcast. I’ve heard how it can be a source of nourishment and spiritual growth for women. What have you learned about digital discipleship from doing that project, since all ministry leaders are immersing themselves into that sort of initiative, due to COVID-19? [30.49 – 37.04]

Check out the show notes:

Revelation 21: 5 (ESV):

And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” Also he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”

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