I Surrender All: Video

Upgrade your group worship time with the music and lyrics of this famous hymn bundled together.

Worship should be an essential part of most small groups. However, few group leaders are professional musicians, and many feel nervous or inadequate when it comes to leading other people in song. Fortunately, SmallGroups.com can help.

We've partnered with the band Hello Industry to bring you a collection of video worship songs that are easy to use. Each hymn has been recorded by the band in a contemporary and acoustic style. The songs include both audio and video files, so you have the music and the lyrics in one package. To use these songs in your group, you can play them directly from your computer, connect a laptop to your TV, or burn the songs to a DVD and play them through your television. It's a simple and effective way to add a level of professionalism to your group's worship time.

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