Explore New Ideas Explore New Ideas

Develop Your Facilitation Skills

Why your leadership matters

What Does It Look Like to Be a Christian?

Remembering that life isn't black and white

Invisible Wounds

Ministry to people with mental illness

The Tensions of a Broken World

What exactly is our role?

A Very Special Thanksgiving

Eating with new friends

Book Controversy and Nasty Back-and-Forths

There's a more helpful way to approach controversial books.

Tragedy and Suffering

What to do in the face of hardship

Dealing with Rogue Leaders

Helpful tips from the Nines conference

Invest in Others

Don't overlook this incredible opportunity.

The Power of Music

Free playlists to use with your small group

Resource Review: 'Field Guide for Small Group Leaders'

The ins and outs of crafting effective, transformative meetings

Resource Review: 'Community Is Messy'

Focus on the discipleship opportunity in small-group ministry.

In the Shelter of Each Other

How a Jars of Clay song gives a beautiful picture of small groups

Messy, Messy

How the mess of missional living is blessing me

Challenging Situations

Putting ourselves on the road to spiritual growth

Finding the Right Ministry Strategy

Why you need to look at your church's culture before implementing what works for other churches

Life Well-Lived for the Kingdom

Setting an example for emerging adults

Granting "Refrigerator Rights" and So Much More

What I learned at my Memorial Day barbecue

Leaving the Neat and Tidy Behind

Being a missional small group is messy

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