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Choose the Right Model for Your Church

Choose the Right Model for Your Church

How to sort through small-group models to find the one that fits your context.
The High Control Model

The High Control Model

Could high-structured, high-commitment groups be right for your context?
The Host Model

The Host Model

The basics of the popular small-group model made famous by Saddleback
Multiple Models in One Ministry

Multiple Models in One Ministry

Why you should consider incorporating several types of groups

Why We Have to Discuss Work in Small Groups

Takeaways from the Redeeming Work event
Resource Review: Starting Small

Resource Review: Starting Small

Gain a practical overview of small-group ministry.
When Faith Intersects with Our Careers

When Faith Intersects with Our Careers

How to equip group members to live out a holistic faith
Resource Review: STIR

Resource Review: STIR

An excellent resource for engaging in discipleship through small groups

Reflections on Real Love

Focus on the “one another” commands this February

Eating Well to the Glory of God

How what we eat matters to fulfilling our calling

Wrestling and Telling

Two very different approaches to discipleship

Wisdom from Derek Webb

Why three phrases are essential for healthy community

Take Heart

Leading isn't easy, but it's beneficial kingdom work.

Small Groups Engaging the Community

Why small groups are perfect for this ministry

Highlights from the Global Leadership Summit

Takeaways for small-group ministry

Choosing Vulnerability

Brené Brown explains its power.

Welcoming a Same-Sex Couple into Your Group

How to respond in a loving, biblical way

Healthy E-Ministry

How to stress physical presence while leveraging social media

Detroit's Bankruptcy Is a Story for Everyone

Why the news should push us to impact our own communities

Our Own Worst Enemy

Community gone bad can be the very reason people walk away.

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