Work: Drudgery or Delight?

Work: Drudgery or Delight?

How the Christian should look at work.


What is work, and where did it originate? Besides economic necessity, why do people work? As followers of Christ, what should characterize our work, and how should we feel about it? While most of us will spend a significant portion of our lives on the job, it seems only a few of us will find meaning and fulfillment in what we do. Is the secret a new job, or a new attitude toward the one we have?

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SCRIPTURE: Genesis 2:15–20; 3:16–24; 5:4–18; Exodus 31:1–6; Proverbs 22:29; 23:4–5; 28:19–20; 31:10–31; Ephesians 6:5–9; Colossians 3:22–4:1; 1 Thessalonians 4:11–12; 2 Thessalonians 3:6–13


• The Issue

Sample questions:

How would you answer the question: Why do you work?

In what ways should work for a Christian be different than it is for someone who has no conscious commitment to God?

• The Scriptures

Sample Scriptures:

Colossians 3:22–4:1: What specific instructions about our attitudes and actions on the job are given to Christians?

Proverbs 22:29: What positive aspects of work do you see in these passages?

• The Application

Sample application questions:

Do you think a Christian can find meaning and satisfaction in any job? Why or why not?

What biblical principles have you found most helpful in your everyday work experience?


Why Work?, by Bruce Shelley (July 1989, 5 printed pages)

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