When God Says No

When God Says No

Making sense of unanswered prayer


How do Christians reconcile pain and confusion about unanswered prayer with our belief in an all-powerful God of love?

Using the article "The Gift of Unanswered Prayer" from TODAY'S CHRISTIAN, we'll look at a struggle common to all Christians who have prayed fervently and felt bewildered by the results.

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SCRIPTURE: Psalm 8:3–4; Hebrews 12:9–11; Matthew 26:42; James 5:10–11


• Identify the Current Issue

• Discover the Eternal Principles

Teaching point one: God, who created us and is not bound by time, knows what is best for us (Psalm 8:3–4).

Teaching point two: Hearing God's answer of "no" is inescapable in a fallen world (Hebrews 12:9–11).

Teaching point three: "Your will be done" is Jesus' model of humble prayer (Matthew 26:42).

Teaching point four: We are God's servants, and he is not ours.

Teaching point five: Suffering does not mean the absence of God or the certain presence of failure (James 5:10–11).

• Apply Your Findings

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The Gift of Unanswered Prayer, by Jerry Sittser (July/August 2004, 12 printed pages)

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