Understanding and Applying the Bible

Understanding and Applying the Bible

Tips for understanding different genres of Scripture


We grow in relationship with God as we see him in a variety of situations. How did God relate to Abraham in his walk of faith, to Joseph in the pit or in prison, to Moses in his disillusionment, or to the nation of Israel as she walked in the midst of intimidating neighbors? How did Jesus react to children? How did he relate to the Pharisees? How did he talk to God the Father in the garden? What did he say to those who nailed him to a cross?

We want to see not only the songs God's people write (Psalms), the guidelines they live by (Proverbs), but also historical accounts of how God has reacted and interacted with his people (historical books, Gospels, and prophetic writings). It's important to know what kind of book we are reading so that we can interpret and apply it correctly to our lives.

That is what we are seeking to do in this Spiritual Formation e-Booklet: to help individuals learn how to get the most out of reading and studying the Bible with the goal of getting to know God better. Your tools will be a Bible, a pencil or pen, and this packet to help you ask questions of different passages.

by Dave DeLuca

Leader's Guide
How to use "Understanding and Applying the Bible" for a group study


Understanding Psalms

Understanding Proverbs

Understanding the Historical Books

Understanding the Prophets

Understanding the Gospels

Understanding the Epistles

Understanding Timothy and Titus

Understanding Revelation

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