Thanksgiving Day Reflections and Ideas

Thanksgiving Day Reflections and Ideas

Make the most of the holiday with these ideas.


This combination of articles, practical tips, and Bible study will enhance your Thanksgiving celebration. In it you'll find ways to make your Thanksgiving more meaningful, as well as practical tips for your church and to help your children understand the meaning of this unique holiday. Use it with a small group, Sunday school class, or for your own individual Thanksgiving celebration.


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Let's Talk Turkey
An overview of the origins of Thanksgiving.
by Barbara Curtis

Giving Thanks
13 creative ways to encourage gratefulness this Thanksgiving.
by Lettie Kirkpatrick

Eat, Drink, and Relax
Think the Pilgrims would frown on today's football-tossing, turkeygobbling Thanksgiving festivities? Maybe not.
by Elesha Coffman

A Cornucopia of Thanksgiving Ideas
Worship and outreach ideas for you and your church.

Thanksgiving at Fair Acres
A meal with my mother and other nursing home residents opened a small crack in their stony detachment, and gave a brief glimpse of the kingdom of heaven.
by Virginia Stem Owens

The Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot)
This ancient Jewish feast emphasized thanksgiving and celebration. In studying it, we can learn applicable things for our own Thanksgiving celebration.
by S. Aaron Osborne

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