The Hunger Games
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The Hunger Games

The darkness of this world can be changed by hope and love.

Early on in The Hunger Games, we realize it is set in a world none of us would want to live in. Yet it is ironically similar to our own. A place of shocking inequity, the rich thrive at the expense of the poor and grow stronger on the suffering of the powerless. Shimmering technological advances contrast comically with the natural world. And self-absorbed people seek entertainment in unspeakable violence.

This study helps us consider what the choices and consequences of characters in this fictional world can teach us about life in our own world. It guides us toward the Bible’s teachings on how we should live in a world pervasively darkened by sin. It asks us to consider the consequences of our own actions. And ultimately, this study points to the promise that hope and love can not only survive but change a world like ours.

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