The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew

Walk your group through Jesus' life, death, resurrection, and teachings.

This study guide was designed to help a small community of people take a journey through the Gospel of Matthew. The lessons are loosely based on the book The Gospel of Matthew: God with Us (InterVarsity Press). This 16-week study is designed to accomplish the following goals:

  • To walk through the life, death, resurrection, and teachings of Jesus according to the Gospel of Matthew.
  • To deepen your personal love for and obedience to Jesus.
  • To grow as a small community of fellow-disciples of Jesus, honestly sharing questions, burdens, and gifts along the journey.
  • To deepen your compassion for the broken world around you.

Session 1

The Strangest Christmas Story
Matthew 1:1-2:23

Session 2

The Big Story of Jesus' Mission
Matthew 3:1-4:25

Session 3

Real Life with Jesus—Part 1
Matthew 5:1-48

Session 4

Real Life with Jesus—Part 2
Matthew 6:1-7:27

Session 5

The Beauty of Being Present
Matthew 8:1-9:34

Session 6

Disciples of Jesus—Unlikely Heroes
Matthew 10:1-42

Session 7

Fighting for Redemption
Matthew 11:1-12:50

Session 8

Joy Happens with Jesus Around
Matthew 13:1-46

Session 9

Faith Is "Impossible"
Matthew 14:22-16:12

Session 10

God Shows Us His Glory
Matthew 16:13-17:23

Session 11

The Unnatural Ac t of Forgiveness
Matthew 18:1-19:15

Session 12

The Shock of Grace
Matthew 19:1-20:34

Session 13

Jesus Takes Charge
Matthew 21:1-23:39

Session 14

Jesus' Final Teachings
Matthew 24:1-25:46

Session 15

God Is with Us
Matthew 26:1-27:66

Session 16

Matthew 28:1-20

Total number of pages69

This Study Through the Bible Course is based on The Gospel of Matthew: God with Us (InterVarsity Press), by Matthew Woodley.



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