The Elijah Chronicles

The Elijah Chronicles

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Elijah demonstrates both courage and fear in the book of 1 Kings. We see him boldly tell the evil king Ahab, "There will be no rain or dew until God says so." Elijah trusts God to bring a young man back to life, and he faces the prophets of Baal in a contest. But when Elijah bottoms-out emotionally, he finds out that God's kingdom is bigger than he can imagine. This three-session course reveals that God is true to his Word and that he will never leave us alone.

Session One

God Is True to His Word
When we stand up for the Word of God, God stands up for us.
1 Kings 17

At the time of 1 Kings, the worship of God was in disarray following a string of godless monarchs. The current king of Israel was Ahab, who in 1 Kings 16:30 is described as having "done more evil in the eyes of the Lord than any of those before him." It was not a bright time for Israel.

Elijah arrived on this scene with little introduction, speaking God's word to Ahab: There will be no rain or dew until God says so. When the water ran out, God led Elijah to the home of a widow who had only a little water and meal left to share with her son. The unfolding drama is a testimony of God's faithfulness to his own.

Session Two

Only God Can Make It Rain
We need to trust God during our own times of drought.
1 Kings 18

1 Kings 18 is set in the nation of Israel during a time of terrible drought and famine. The people were in a beaten down and powerless state. They had seen so much hunger and death that it was hard for them to recognize a fresh alternative in the face of Ahab's power. There was little faith, and what there was of it was hiding in the caves. The worship of Yahweh was virtually extinct, until one man, Elijah, stood and challenged the people's lethargy. This text describes a true power encounter. God rests his credibility upon his ability to outperform the prophets of Baal.

Session Three

God Never Leaves Us Alone
God's kingdom is bigger than our little circle of the world.
1 Kings 19

In 1 Kings 19 we see the passing of the torch, or in this case the mantle of leadership, from Elijah to Elisha. It follows upon Elijah's dramatic triumph on Mount Carmel over the prophets of Baal. This text is more personal, dealing with Elijah's emotional response to the situation in Israel. In this study, we will see that God never leaves us alone, even though God's kingdom is bigger than we can imagine.

This Study Through the Bible Course is based on a sermon series by Kenton C. Anderson.

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