Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

Discuss both individual and church responsibility in your spiritual growth.

The following 5-session study deals with both individual and church responsibility in spiritual growth, such as: How do you grow spiritually? What is the church's responsibility in our spiritual development? What cultural influences are there on our spiritual growth?

Week One

Spirituality for Today
Modern spirituality begins and ends with the self; Christian spirituality, with the Alpha and Omega.

Week Two

Keys to Spirituality
Relationships can unlock the deeper parts of us and direct us to authentic spiritual development.

Week Three

Why I Don't Imitate Christ
The Christian life is not a game of Simon says.

Week Four

Growing Through Mentoring
The future of the church is mentor multiplication.

Week Five

5 Principles of a Purpose-Driven Church
Rick Warren's genius is in helping pastors see the obvious.

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