Single Parenting

Single Parenting

This six-session course helps single parents navigate the struggles and joys of parenting on their own.

Being a single parent is one of the tougher jobs a person can be given. This six-session course gives perspective on unique problems that a single parent faces, such as: tight budgets, parental visits, time for yourself, spiritual encouragement, dating again, and loving your job as a parent. Written by a single parent, this course will encourage you that although the job is tough, it's not impossible and can even be a joy.

Session 1

Balancing the Empty Checkbook
How can single parents survive financial challenges and grow stronger in the process?

Session 2

Dual Parenting
Sharing the kids with the ex and the former in-laws requires a delicate balance.

Session 3

Time for Me
Finding time for self is difficult, yet necessary.

Session 4

Extreme Spiritual Makeover
Finding intimate time with God requires a renovation ofschedules and attitudes.

Session 5

Trying Love Again
Dating again requires thought, courage, and a sense of adventure.

Session 6

Little Blessings
Although parenting alone is a challenge, there is no greater blessing than having children.

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