Seeing Ourselves as God Does

Seeing Ourselves as God Does

Use this 12-session course to learn how to see yourself as God does.

Seeing ourselves as God sees us can be a challenge. This 12-session course is ideal for your Women's Sunday school quarterly curriculum or to use in your small group. It covers such topics as self-worth, stress, confidence, friends and hearing God's voice.

Week 1

Where Do We Get Self-Worth?
In a culture that idolizes physical beauty and physique, where do we find our personal worth?

Week 2

Longing to Hear God's Voice
What to do when life is dark and heaven's quiet.

Week 3

Harnessing Stress
How can we channel stress to work for God's glory and our good?

Week 4

Finding Confidence
Confidence comes from knowing who we are in Christ as we live for his purposes.

Week 5

The Joy of Being Content
Learning to smile with what you have

Week 6

Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit
What do hydration and adequate sleep have to do with living water and the peace that passes understanding?

Week 7

Equal Opportunity Friendships
It's a joy to have all kinds of friends.

Week 8

The More Friends the Merrier
Cultivating a group of friends

Week 9

Among Friends
How can God use our neighbors to meet our deepest needs?

Week 10

Cultivating Friendships
What does biblical friendship look like?

Week 11

Words of Wisdom
What does the Bible tell us about speaking the truth in love?

Week 12

Making Unlikely Friends
Enrich your life by making friends with those who are different than you are.

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