Overcoming Grief

Overcoming Grief

Receive insight and encouragement in these six studies on recovering from grief.

Death has a way of changing our lives forever. We wish we could go back to the way things were, but we can't. To try and pretend things are the same would keep us stuck in our grief. To refuse to go on would mean our families not only lost one person, but have lost us as well. This six-session course on grief recovery will cover such topics as: How to get out of grief and anger and plug back into life, how to get over the overwhelming sadness, how to let the memorial service help in the healing, how to recover from the death of a child, and how to help others who are grieving.

Session 1

Plugging Back into Life
Resuming your life after a loss
Death has a way of changing our lives forever. Pretending things are the same would keep us stuck in our grief. Refusing to go on would mean our families lose not only one person, but lose us as well. Acceptance is necessary if we want to resume our lives.

Session 2

Overwhelming Sadness
When it seems our tears will never end
Death is a big part of life; everyone will experience the loss of someone sooner or later, and it's painful. What part do tears play in grieving? What do we do when our pain is overwhelming?

Session 3

Stuck in Grief and Anger
When we can't complete our journey
When a loved one dies, it's easy to get caught up in our emotions and become stuck. If we aren't aware of some of the stages of grief, we can easily become confused, wondering what is wrong with us. How can anger be properly dealt with?

Session 4

The Purpose of Memorials
A special time of remembrance for our loved one can ease the pain.
Funerals and memorials are a part of everyone's life, and yet it's not something you normally think about until you have to make preparations. Often death comes unannounced, and decisions are required from those who cannot think clearly at all.

Session 5

Arms that Ache
Dealing with the loss of a child
It's hard enough dealing with a loved one's death, but when we lose a child something inside of us dies. Every parent remembers the joy of holding his or her greatest treasure. How can we accept life when it feels so unfair?

Session 6

Grief—Sharing the Heavy Load
How to share someone's burden
When we lose our loved ones to death, we have a difficult time because of how suddenly our world has changed. It is surreal to us—like a nightmare we can't wake up from. What can we say to someone who is brokenhearted over a loss?

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