Our Powerful Helper

Our Powerful Helper

God provides comfort when you need it most, and the power to persevere.

It's easy to say God comforts us in difficult times. It's another thing to believe it when you face unbelievable tragedy. Marshall Shelley wrote this powerful Bible study within a year of the deaths of two of his children. Marshall and his wife desperately turned to Scripture, and they discovered how God gives strength to his people in difficult times. Each of the 6 sessions focus on a section of the Bible that offered them fresh glimpses of how God works.

You'll learn that God does provide comfort when you need it most and the power to persevere. Also included is a foreword by J.I. Packer, suggestions for individual or group study, and Leader's Notes.

Session One

Power in Weakness
2 Corinthians 12:1-10
Character is what you are when no one is looking. It's what your life stands for and what values you live by. It takes longer for character to be revealed, but character is what shows when life gets tough.

Session Two

The Blazing Furnace
Daniel 3
When we place our faith in Christ, life does not suddenly grow calm. We need strength more than ever. But we need to learn how God's strength comes to us.

Session Three

Chariots of Fire
2 Kings 6:8-23
Sometimes the best gifts are those we least expect, maybe even gifts we didn't think we wanted—until we see their true value.

Session Four

God's Invisible Direction
Psalm 23
God has provided a means of facing our fears. One of the most familiar passages in the Bible deals with our daily dependence on God—turning to him in times of both fear and refreshment.

Session Five

God's Unpredictable Justice
Habakkuk 1-3
Habakkuk struggled to understand how God works, but in the end he became convinced that he could trust God no matter how bleak or confusing the present circumstances appeared to be.

Session Six

Going Right to the Top
Luke 11:1-13
Sometimes it seems that God enjoys turning things upside down. But one direction is very clear: he invites us to talk to him directly. Through prayer, we can go right to the top.

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