Ortberg on Understanding God

Ortberg on Understanding God

Learn how to partner with God for your spiritual growth.

John Ortberg, pastor at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in California and author of numerous books including The Life You've Always Wanted and If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat, helps us understand God better in this 5-session study. Ortberg challenges us to partner with God in our spiritual growth by responding to the tests he sends, waiting on him patiently, and standing boldly for him. You'll enjoy this insightful study from a practical and popular Bible teacher.

Session One

Partner with God
Sanctification involves a mysterious partnership with God.
Philippians 2:7–14

For many Christians there is confusion about the division of labor necessary for spiritual growth. They ask, "Is it God's job or mine?" This study will investigate the answer to this question.

Session Two

Grow in Faith
Faith can be a terrifying choice, but it also brings big rewards.
Matthew 14:22–33

The Christian life requires faith. Faith is intimately connected to risk—and risk is intimately connected to fear. What can we do with our fears and doubts?

Session Three

Respond to Tests
God tests us to teach us.
Matthew 15:21–28

The purpose of tests is to teach us. It is not a matter of passing every test so that we can graduate into perfection. Rather, it is learning the heart of God and understanding his ways as we move ahead in the Christian life.

Session Four

Wait on the Lord
Waiting on God is fundamental to our faith.
Romans 8:18–25

How do you feel about waiting? Do you enjoy standing in line at the bank or the post office? Most of us hate waiting, but that's what God requires, as we'll see in this study.

Session Five

Stand with Christ
Christ meets us in our worst trials.
Daniel 3

No matter what we go through, we can be certain that Christ will be in the middle of it with us. Three men from Israel learned this when they refused to bow down to anyone but God and were thrown into a furnace.

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Based on a sermon series by John Ortberg, with JoHannah Reardon

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