Nehemiah: Learning Leadership

Nehemiah: Learning Leadership

Help your group balance spirituality with down-to-earth action.

If you've ever faced an overwhelming task or felt inadequate to meet a challenge, you'll be able to identify with Nehemiah. He struggled with issues still with us today: motivation, fatigue, criticism. But this book also offers inspiration and vision. Without neglecting the practical, Nehemiah shows how to tackle God's difficult assignments and survive both opposition and apathy.

Session One

Prepare for the Mission
A leader must have passion.
Nehemiah 1-2

Session Two

Share and Sustain the Vision
A leader must be able to bring others on board.
Nehemiah 3-5

Session Three

Manage the Opposition
A leader must learn how to handle conflict.
Nehemiah 3:3-5; 4:1-11; 6:1-16

Session Four

Celebrate and Continue the Completed Mission
Don't forget to thank God and to keep the mission pure.
Nehemiah 12:27, 40, 43; 13:1-31

Total number of pages—36

This Study Through the Bible Course is based on a Bible study series by Michelle L. Rayburn.

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