Money Issues

Money Issues

Practical, biblical perspectives on managing money, tithing, and generosity

The Bible has a lot to say about money and how Christians should view, spend, and save money. This six-session course will help your small group discover what the Bible says about money, and make good decisions about using your money for God's glory.

Session 1 - Biblical Economics
We need to adopt the biblical values of thrift, generosity, contentment, and trust.

Session 2 - Faithful Finances
What false lessons does our society teach about money, and how can the Bible—and church history—correct them?

Session 3 - Keeping Money in Perspective
Money isn't the goal in the light of God's glory.

Session 4 - Simple Living
Are we consumed by consumption?

Session 5 - What Does Generosity Look Like?
When does giving become religious?

Session 6 - Making Ends Meet
Discernment and spiritual growth happen as you evaluate what God wants you to do.

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