Men of Integrity: Courage

Men of Integrity: Courage

Encouragement for men to live a life of integrity.

The men of the Bible were mostly a courageous bunch. Consider Adam, who was less than perfect but still sought God, or Caleb, who stood against popular opinion to believe God's promise to Israel. And who could be more courageous than Daniel, who trusted his sovereign God even as he was thrown to the lions? In the New Testament, we see Thomas courageously turn his doubt into a vital faith, Barnabas exuding courage to those around him, and even John Mark bouncing back after losing his courage. Our six-session course seeks to learn from all these daring men.

Session 1

Turning Temptation into Obedience
Adam: less than perfect but still seeking after God

Session 2

A Legacy of Spiritual Fortitude
Caleb: the courage of one man

Session 3

Dream Big
Daniel: under a Sovereign Majesty

Session 4

Doubt That Leads to Truth
Thomas: Turning doubt into vital faith

Session 5

Become an Encourager
Barnabas: courier of courage

Session 6

Overcoming Failure
John Mark: A man who bounced back after losing courage

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