Living in a Culture of Sexual Immorality

Living in a Culture of Sexual Immorality

Our response can invite or dissuade others to redemption.


Sexual drama pervades our culture. Sex sells clothes, cosmetics, boats, books, cars, movies, and music. Sexual expression is a highly coveted and hotly contested freedom. In our permissive society, God's good purposes for sex are distorted and misunderstood in myriad ways.

So how are we to live in such a society? Should we burrow ourselves away, leaving the world to its wicked ways? Or do we head the other way, wanting so much to reach the world that we ignore and even accept its sexual standards? Is there a way to live righteously and spread the redemptive love and truth of God to those we live among? This study addresses these questions, using an article by Mark Buchanan from LEADERSHIP JOURNAL.

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SCRIPTURE: Esther 2:1–18; Daniel 1; Jonah 3


• Identify the Current Issue

• Discover the Eternal Principles

Teaching point one: Shunning the sexually immoral from a safe distance is not the way of grace and redemption.

Teaching point two: Embracing and endorsing immorality also does not bring redemption.

Teaching point three: Walking in righteousness and integrity is the best witness of God's truth and redemption.

• Apply Your Findings

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Sex & the City of God, by Mark Buchanan (Winter 2006, 8 printed pages)

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