Learning from Heroes
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Learning from Heroes

What makes superheroes super?

What makes superheroes super? What lessons about living a good life can we learn from them?

Session 1

Spider Man 1 and 2
Explore what it means to be a hero, note how choices shape our character, and examine the responsibilities that come with the gift of power.

Session 2

Batman Begins
This movie establishes the ultimate role of superhero mythology: to define reality, to outline ethics, and to inspire nobility. This study looks at the movie's themes of justice, courage, and following our calling.

Session 3

A team of superhuman genetic mutants battles both prejudice and their evil counterparts who seek to mutate the world's leaders.

Session 4

The Matrix Trilogy
"Free your mind" and discover what these films say about the nature of self-knowledge, faith, love, reality, free will, and destiny.

Session 4

Superman Returns
The Man of Steel may be the prototype for ALL superheroes, but he teaches about more than strength. Discover themes of saviors, sacrifice, and solitude from this second coming of Superman.

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