Leading to Easter: Searching the Soul

Leading to Easter: Searching the Soul

Search your soul as you learn about the triumphs and failures of the people closest to Jesus.

The season of Lent is a season for searching the soul. As you study Matthew 26–28, you will search your own soul through the lenses of the people closest to Jesus in his last hours. The last three chapters of Matthew are a juxtaposition of stories.

This seven-session study will address Communion, Jesus' deserters, his submission to the Father, and his crucifixion. While the theme of rejection runs through these chapters in Matthew, there is good news: joy of the resurrection that you can experience with new eyes.

Session One

Lavished on Jesus
The Cross calls us to worship in ways others would call waste.
Matthew 26:1–16

Session Two

The Dinner Guests of God
Communion searches and strengthens our hearts.
Matthew 26:17–31

Session Three

Where the Battle Is Fought
At the hour of crisis, our hope is in prayer.
Matthew 26:31–46

Session Four

For our sake Jesus accepted the charge that cost him his life.
Matthew 26:47–68

Session Five

The Faces of Failure
Peter, Judas, and Pilate demonstrate different ways to fail in faith.
Matthew 26:69–27:26

Session Six

Four Agonies of the Cross
In his weakness on the cross, Jesus Christ revealed his greatness.
John 27:27–54

Session Seven

Resurrection Watchers
Christ's Resurrection calls us to believe.
Matthew 27:55–28:20

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