Kingdom Living in Our Culture

Kingdom Living in Our Culture

Use this 13-session course to take a deeper look at God in our culture.

This 13-session course on God and culture will be ideal for your Sunday school quarterly curriculum or to use in your small group. It covers such topics as how to be counterculturally relevant, how to have righteous anger, the value of human life and faithfulness. Most of all it will help us learn how to live for Christ in today's culture.

Week 1

The Kingdom and Our Culture
How can Christians live for eternity without ignoring the present?

Week 2

Justice for All, One at a Time
Won't you be a neighbor?

Week 3

Tilting at the Windmills of Culture
Can we realistically fight against culture?

Week 4

Living in a Culture of Sexual Immorality
Our response can invite or dissuade others to redemption.

Week 5

Counterculturally Relevant
A new way of thinking about how Christians can influence culture.

Week 6

Answer the Skeptics
Do you have an answer for the misconceptions about Christianity?

Week 7

The Church's Highest Calling: Faithfulness
When being countercultural is our goal, we may be nearer to colluding with culture than changing it.

Week 8

Dual Citizenship
How can we labor for God's kingdom during our time here on earth?

Week 9

Pulling Weeds in the Church Yard
Is the church honestly a "counterculture for the common good"?

Week 10

Christians and Politics
How much hope should Christians place inpolitical solutions to our problems?

Week 11

The Righteous Side of Anger
Sometimes we need to be good and mad.

Week 12

The Value of Human Life
What is human life really worth?

Week 13

Feeding on Lies
What is behind our battle with weight?

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