Is It Okay to Doubt?

Is It Okay to Doubt?

What to do when the questions creep in

What do you do when you start to doubt? Perhaps you wonder if God really cares about you, or you're troubled by a certain Christian belief, or you have a hard time believing a good God could let such evil exist. Worse, you may wonder if you are truly a Christian if you have doubts. No matter what your questions are, and regardless of where your doubts are coming from, this 3-session Bible study will help you discover what the Bible has to say about doubts, and you'll make a plan to overcome them.

Session 1

Does Doubt Signal the End of Faith?
What the Bible says about doubts
John 20:19–31

Session 2

What Should I Do If I Have Doubts?
Create a strategy to face them head on.
Matthew 11:1–6

Session 3

Can Doubt Actually Strengthen My Faith?
How to leverage your doubts to deepen your faith
Psalm 73; Colossians 2:1–10

Ann C. Sullivan is the author of Permission to Doubt and a speaker who is passionate about challenging and encouraging people in their faith.

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