Is Hollywood Discipling You?

Is Hollywood Discipling You?

This study will help you and your group members think about questions regarding faith and the arts.

Every day we're surrounded by messages from Hollywood. From the characters' lifestyles on TV shows to the moral standards communicated through movies to the supposedly real-life accounts of reality TV, we're constantly being told what life is all about—and it's not always a very Christian message.

This resource will help you determine if Hollywood is discipling you. You'll gain principles on how to have a healthy, God-honoring relationship to TV, movies, and more. Take your small group through six sessions and discuss how to engage culture, movies, TV, sci-fi, and even Christian films.

Study One

Engaging the Culture
How should Christians respond to a culture that contradicts biblical teaching?

Study Two

Christians at the Movies
A Christian look at the modern art of film.

Study Three

The Television Dilemma
With hundreds of channels screaming for our attention, how do we decide what—or whether—to watch?

Study Four

Finding God in Sci-Fi Spirituality
Hold onto the redemptive myth of God.

Study Five

Hollywood Disciples
Even when they're writing fiction, these Hollywood insiders bring the truth to bear.

Study Six

Filming the Faith
Can we trust Hollywood with the cross of our Lord?

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