Intellect and Feeling: Do We Need Both?

Intellect and Feeling: Do We Need Both?

How careful thinking and emotions work together.


Among the various camps of evangelical Christianity, intellect and feeling are sometimes regarded as competitors rather than teammates. While some say, "Believe first and the feelings will follow," others evaluate the validity of a decision by its accompanying emotion. This study will examine if there is a place for emotion in our faith, and, if so, how can we find the proper blend of mind and heart.

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SCRIPTURE: Psalm 51:7–13; Matthew 19:1–9; Mark 12:28–31; 6:45–52; 8:14–21; Romans 1:21–32; 12:9–16; Philippians 4:4–9; Hebrews 3:7–13


• The Issue

Sample questions:

In your religious background, were emotions emphasized or downplayed? Why?

As a Christian, how do you think the left- and right-brain functions relate to your life of faith?

• The Scriptures

Sample Scriptures:

Psalm 51:7–13: What is the importance of intellect and emotion in our walk of faith?

Matthew 19:1–9: In what areas do we need to guard ourselves against a hardened heart?

• The Application

Sample application questions:

How has emotion made a decision or event a memorable part of your Christian experience?

Why might emotion be seen as both a positive and a negative factor in Christian evangelism and discipleship?


Feeling Saved, by Richard Fowler (April 1989, 3 printed pages)

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