How Should a Christian View War?

How Should a Christian View War?

Making sense of a difficult question

This three-session study will help you and group think about important and intensely controversial questions that surround war, peacemaking, and terrorism. Take a look at different Christian views of war, whether we should risk life for peace, and what it means to live in an age of terrorism.

Session One

Christian Views of War
Making sense of how Christians differ on military intervention

Exodus 14:13; Isaiah 10:1-11; Amos 5:24; Matthew 5:39; 24:4-8; John 14:27; 15:13; 16:33; Romans 12:21; 13:1-5; Colossians 2:15; James 4:1-6

We may feel that God is on our side in military conflicts, but that view is difficult—if not impossible—to substantiate from the Bible. If that's so, why do so many Christians support war efforts? On what do they base their beliefs? In this study, we'll explore five possible responses to war and some biblical texts that seem to support two opposite conclusions. How should we react to military intervention?

Session Two

Should Christians Risk Life for Peace?
Peacemaking Christians will have to put their lives on the line.

Matthew 5:9–12

Jesus said, "Blessed are the peacemakers." The apostle Paul told us to be at peace with everyone so far as it depends upon us. So what does that mean for Christians? How far should we go to make peace? This study will look at the cost and examine what our responsibility as a peacemaker is.

Session Three

Living in an Age of Terrorism
What we can learn from Oswald Chambers and C.S. Lewis about the long battle with terrorism.

Psalm 27:3; Isaiah 55:6–8; Matthew 6:27–29; Philippians 4:6–8; 2 Timothy 4:5

Although we, as Christians, know that wars will only cease when the Prince of Peace comes, we must "if it is possible, as far as it depends on [us], live at peace with everyone" (Romans 12:18). Those who have lived long enough to see many wars also know the high cost of peace we've enjoyed. Now once again, we find ourselves fighting an enemy-this time, a worldwide network of terrorists intent on causing our complete destruction.

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