Gordon MacDonald on Our Spiritual Journey

Gordon MacDonald on Our Spiritual Journey

Gordon MacDonald helps you define and map out the road you're on.

Do you really know where you are and where you are going? What do you think it means to look for God in the lofty places? The lowly places? Have you ever met someone you thought had "extreme faith"? What made you think that about them?

Gordon MacDonald is an author, pastor, and chair of World Relief. In these four Bible studies, he will help you define and map out your spiritual journey, while offering pratical and biblical advice along the way. No matter where you are on your journey, make a move closer to Jesus and discover the places he wants to take you.

Session One

Identify the Road You Are On
A spiritual journey is characterized by observing, seeking, and finding.
Titus 3:3–8
No matter where we are on our spiritual journey, Christ forces us to define our position. Our only choices are to move closer to him or become increasingly resistant.

Session Two

Prepare for the Journey
Knowing Christ demands preparation through repentance.
Luke 3:1–18
The only way a woman or a man can see and respond to Christ is in the atmosphere and climate of repentance. It is only when we begin to break through the hardness that often encrusts our inner being, and see what we really are by nature, that we are able to see Christ.

Session Three

Map Out the Journey
We must not live in the middle ground, because God is in lofty and lowly places.
Isaiah 57:15
Too often we want God to be in the middle ground where we are comfortable. We don't want to have to look for him in the high and low places where he can actually be found.

Session Four

Give Your All to the Journey
When we cultivate the deeper curiosities of life, our faith becomes an extreme faith.
Exodus 33:7–23
You may know a lot of people who profess Christian faith, and yet there are few who seem miles deeper or broader or higher in their quality of faith — those who exhibit "extreme faith." These people are not only on the journey, they are giving it their all.

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