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If you could bring someone back from the dead through human cloning—would you?


Godsend is a "what if" thriller about the legal, ethical, and moral implications of human engineering. What would happen if human cloning became available? Could the option of resurrecting a lost loved one become an actual temptation? How do these ethical issues take on additional meaning for Christians who believe God created human beings in his image? Why are bio-future thrillers like Godsend, Gattica (which explores a world of designer children), and Alien Resurrection (in which alien and human DNA are mixed to form a hybrid being) so compelling?

Discussion Guide

• Movie Summary

• Discussing the Scenes

—Defying Death
(1 Samuel 28:1–20; Luke 16:19–31)

—Faith in Science
(Genesis 3:1–24; Genesis 11:1–8)

—Medical Advancement
(Numbers 5:1–4; Mark 5:1–20; John 9:1–41)

—Dealing with the Devil
(Genesis 3:1–24; Matthew 4:1–11)

—What's the Source of Life?
(Genesis 2:4–25; Psalm 139:13–16)

(Genesis 37:12–36; Jeremiah 9:4–6)

• As the Credits Roll

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Godsend (Lions Gate Films, 2004), rated PG-13.

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