Gift of Life

Gift of Life

Get practical, biblical perspectives on birth-control, abortion, and the role of Christians in these issues.

What does it mean that God is the creator of life? Does that mean that we should not be using birth control? What does it mean concerning a decision to have an abortion? How do men feel who have no say in an abortion of their child? How should the church respond to these issues? This three-session course will examine these questions in depth.

Session 1

Making Room for New Life
Seeking God for wisdom in birth-control choices

The birth-control pill has given us the ability to postpone having children until we are well established in our careers, have bought a home, or have fulfilled many of our goals and dreams. But are there philosophical, even moral, issues that need to be examined?

Session 2

The Church's Response to Abortion
Why conviction must be balanced with compassion

How should the church approach the issue of abortion in a sexually permissive culture? What responsibility does the church have to those in the body who have had an abortion? Should the church offer alternatives to those contemplating abortion?

Session 3

Men as Invisible Partners in Abortion
How abortion affects male identity and the need for healing

The often forgotten party in abortion is the man who helped conceive the child. What does a man experience after the abortion of his child? How is his masculinity affected? Does he suffer any consequences in his relationship with God?

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