Fighting Heresy in The Da Vinci Code (3 session study)

Fighting Heresy in The Da Vinci Code (3 session study)

The three studies included in the course are created to help Christians respond to questions raised by the controversial book and movie.

When people engage you with spiritual questions raised by the top-selling book and the upcoming blockbuster, you can use this three-session course as your armor. Equip yourself and your group with the knowledge to answer important questions raised like how Christians should respond to pop culture that contradicts biblical teaching, the difference between biblical fact and Dan Brown's fiction, and the nature of heresy and why secret religious knowledge has such widespread appeal.

Session 1

Engaging The Da Vinci Code
How should Christians respond to pop culture that contradicts biblical teaching?
When and how should Christians react to popular cultural notions that flagrantly contradict Scripture? Should Christians attack false theories, engage in dialogue with the wider culture, or keep our distance?

Session 2

Debunking The Da Vinci Code
Christians must know the truth to recognize lies.
Because Brown uses so many genuine historical facts, it makes his outlandish claims sound more plausible and many Christians have become confused because of them. This study uses historical fact and Scripture to refute those claims.

Session 3

The Da Vinci Code and Other Heresies
What is the allure of secret knowledge about God?
This study looks at some of the common heresies in our society today, including The Da Vinci Code, and the widespread appeal of exclusive religious knowledge.

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