Faith in the Workplace

Faith in the Workplace

Build the confidence to share your faith and hope at work.

These compelling, in-depth Bible studies help you and your group see the urgency for sharing your hope in Jesus Christ in the workplace. The studies also offer tools for building the confidence to share that hope at work.

Session 1

Witnessing at Work
A non-the-job strategy for winning souls

Session 2

Talking About Our Faith
Unleashing words that fuel the soul

Session 3

Getting Others Interested
Listen your way to people's hearts.

Session 4

When to Keep Quiet
Silence can be a powerful tool in workplace evangelism.

Session 5

Knowing What to Say
We need to communicate so our coworkers can understand.

Session 6

Answering the Tough Questions
Increasing your Bible knowledge is the best way to have a ready answer.

Session 7

Finding Guidance Through Prayer
The most important part of sharing your faith is prayer.

Session 8

Respecting Legal Boundaries
How we say something is as important as what we say.

Session 9

Reasoning With Skeptics
We must learn to present our faith in a reasonable way to others.

Session 10

When They Want to Know Jesus
Help your coworker take the next step.

Total number of pages - 46

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