Experience God Every Day

Experience God Every Day

A 40-day journey to help you experience God’s presence every day.

It's easy to speed through life and never experience God's presence. We rush from meetings to social gatherings and from kids' games to church groups. Often, as we crawl into bed at night, we realize we never met God during our day. We want more. We want to experience God's presence. We want to learn how to meet God in the everyday mess and chaos of life. But how? Is it possible to experience God day-to-day?

This 40-day study will take you on a journey to experience God's presence every day. You'll assess your spiritual growth, learn about the spiritual journey God has for us, discover how to connect with God in the noise of life, and read stories of how God shows up even in the mundane activities.

This Bible study is designed for individual use. You'll find articles to read, questions to ponder, and Scripture to study. That said, you could easily talk through the content with a group of others. Simply do the study on your own, and then gather together once a week to talk through your main takeaways.

Each day you'll take one assessment, read one article, or work through one Bible study per day. To spend more time reflecting on the material, though, feel free to move at a slower pace that works for you.

Here's a breakdown of the 40 days:

Days 1-7:
Assess your spiritual growth by taking one assessment per day and reflecting on your results with the provided questions.

Days 8-11:
Work through one session per day from Gordon MacDonald on Our Spiritual Journey. These studies will ask you to read passages of Scripture and answer several questions about how we connect with God and experience spiritual growth.

Day 12-13:
Read one article per day on prayer to expand your understanding. First read "Change the Way You Talk to God." The next day read, "Fresh Air." Use the provided questions to reflect on the way you currently pray.

Day 14:
Work through Enjoy the Silence. This study will ask you to read passages of Scripture and answer several questions about connecting with God in the noise of everyday life.

Days 15-39:
Read one chapter per day from Theology in Aisle Seven. You'll start a journal to consider how God shows up in your life through everyday moments.

Day 40:
For the final day, use the guide and provided questions to reflect on your journey and make plans for what's next.

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