Easter Week: Sacrifice and Salvation

Easter Week: Sacrifice and Salvation

Invite your whole church to experience the sorrow and celebration of Easter.

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As we celebrate Easter, we remember the most important event that has ever occurred in human history: Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead. But that sacred day was the explosive finale of an entire string of events, all of which contain important lessons for you and me to learn. As you prepare for Easter, lead your church in experiencing the joy and sorry of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, his Last Supper with his friends, his death on the Cross, and his Resurrection.

Church Discipleship Campaigns are a great way to provide a full-bodied learning experience for your entire congregation. Each campaign focuses on a specific topic or biblical text, and each includes a variety of resources that can be used by church leaders every week—including sermon transcripts, sermon outlines, Powerpoint presentations, supplemental preaching illustrations, Bible studies, supplemental icebreakers and activities, and a professionally designed bulletin insert.

The different formats for each piece of the campaign are bundled as follows: one PDF for all four weeks of preaching material, one PDF for all four weeks of Bible study material, one Powerpoint presentation for all four weeks, and one Microsoft Word document for the bulletin insert.

Session One

The Triumphal Entry
Christ entered Jerusalem in honor as a king.
Luke 19:28–44

Palm Sunday is, at best, "a day of temporary triumph," says Wallace Viets. At worst, it is an illustration of the "fickle nature of the voice of the people." It's a day that lifts us with shouts of praise, but just a few days later we see denial, betrayal, and unfaithfulness. It all culminates in the glory of the Resurrection. But it began on Palm Sunday, a day of applause.

Session Two

The Last Supper
Communion searches and strengthens our hearts.
Matthew 26:17–30

The Last Supper instituted the practice of Communion, which most of us celebrate on a regular basis in our churches. This study looks at how this practice initiates us into an understanding of God's redemption and release. It also exposes our hearts and feeds our deepest hunger.

Session Three

The Crucifixion
Through the rejection of the cross, Jesus is exalted as king.
Matthew 27:27–54

The Cross is central to our faith. What happened on Good Friday defines Jesus' life and ministry. This study seeks to emphasize the value of the Cross to us by pointing out the new life it provides.

Session Four

The Resurrection
The evidence is overwhelming that Jesus rose from the dead.
Matthew 27:62–28:15

What does Jesus' resurrection mean? It means that Jesus is who he claimed to be, that he has the power he claimed to have, and that we have hope for this life and the one to come. This study will look at the evidence that Jesus is truly alive today by looking at the events of 2,000 years ago.

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