Dream Big

Dream Big

Daniel: under a Sovereign Majesty.


We have all had those moments of clarity. Maybe while camping under the Northern Lights. Or when we've been hit with a creative spark from nowhere. Maybe it was while opening an envelope containing a check for exactly what we needed in a moment of hardship. Or while sitting at the funeral of a loved one. It's in those moments we are clearly reminded that something bigger is happening here. Something—Someone—else is in control. This study will look at the life of the prophet Daniel, and the confidence that comes from relying upon the God who is in control.

Table of Contents

SCRIPTURE: Daniel 1:5–6


• A Man's World: Sample Questions

—What would it mean if God were not sovereign? How do you see God's sovereignty throughout Scripture?

• A Man's Word: Sample Questions

—How does he go about his resistance? What does this tell you about Daniel's faith and the God in whom he believed? What are the results?

• A Man's Work: Sample Questions

—What has affected you most from your observations of the life of Daniel?

Approximate time to complete: up to 45-60 minutes

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