Drawing the Line

Drawing the Line

This six-session study helps parents discuss ground rules, expectations, responsibility, and more.

Parenting raises a lot of questions. We want to raise responsible, respectful, and successful children, but we're not sure how to do that. How can we avoid raising children who feel they can never quite measure up? How does rescuing our children from the consequences of their choices and behaviors undermine discipline? What roles, if any, do negotiation and compromise play in discipline? Should we require our kids to do chores, and how do we do that? How do we prepare them (and ourselves!) for their adolescence? This six-session study will explore these practical, crucial questions.

Session 1

The Ground Rules of Discipline
Why it's important for parents to allow children to experience the natural consequences of their choices and behavior

Session 2

Great Expectations
How to raise or lower the bars we set for our children

Session 3

Responsibility Super Models
Responsible kids begin with responsible parents.

Session 4

Replace Whining with Respect
How can we teach our children to obey without arguing or whining and still leave room for communication and appeal?

Session 5

Teaching Responsibility Doesn't Have to Be a Chore
The value of teaching our children to work

Session 6

Mentoring Youngsters toward Adolescence
Laying tracks to avoid the runaway train of adolescence

Total number of pages: 65

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