Courageous Men of the Bible

Courageous Men of the Bible

This 12-session course challenges men to live lives of integrity through the examples laid out in the Bible.

In our desire to be men of integrity, we need to consider the journey of faith we are on, which will require that we be recklessly obedient to God. He wants to redeem our weaknesses, make our lives a blessing to others, and teach us to be strong, yet vulnerable. Christ will transform you by turning temptation into obedience and enable you to leave a lasting legacy of spiritual fortitude. Finally, he will teach you to dream big, resolve your doubts, and overcome your failures. This 12-session course will be great for your men's group.

Week 1

Journey of Faith
Abraham: A man who traveled in trust

Week 2

Reckless Obedience to God
Joseph: Obeying God when we don't feel like it

Week 3

Redeeming Our Weaknesses
Peter: A man who didn't let his failures define him

Week 4

Letting Christ Transform Us
John: a man who lived for Another

Week 5

Making Our Lives a Blessing to Others
Elisha: the power of love

Week 6

Where Strong Men Are Vulnerable
Solomon: a wise man who failed to finish well

Week 7

Turning Temptation into Obedience
Adam: less than perfect but still seeking after God

Week 8

A Legacy of Spiritual Fortitude
Caleb: the courage of one man

Week 9

Dream Big
Daniel: under a Sovereign Majesty

Week 10

Doubt That Leads to Truth
Thomas: Turning doubt into vital faith

Week 11

Become an Encourager
Barnabas: courier of courage

Week 12

Overcoming Failure
John Mark: A man who bounced back after losing courage



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