Contemporary Christian Issues

Contemporary Christian Issues

Learn how to respond biblically to important issues facing our culture today.

The following 13-session course will help you and your group learn how to respond biblically to the issues facing our culture today.

Week 1

Is Islam a Religion of Peace?
Controversy reveals a struggle for the soul of Islam.

Week 2

Finding Peace in a Time of War
What we can learn from Oswald Chambers and C.S. Lewis about the long battle with terrorism.

Week 3

Is Persecution a Plus in China?
Top communists, despite their denials, endorse arrest and torture of Chinese Christians by the thousands.

Week 4

Marriage: The Submission Question
Two models of marriage claim biblical warrant and vie for evangelicals' allegiance. Advocates of both claim good results. But do we have to choose?

Week 5

Church and State: Keep Them Separate
We must keep church and state separate—for the sake of the church.

Week 6

Who's Homeschooling Your Kids?
What it means to be an educator of one's own children.

Week 7

Defining Our Role in Politics
How Christians should practice 'right politics.'

Week 8

What Good Are Religions without Christ?
Testing the theology of a born-again paradox

Week 9

Our Unholy Blessing of Same-Sex Unions
Sometimes loving a denomination requires you to leave.

Week 10

Your View of War
Making sense of how Christians differ on military intervention

Week 11

Christian Teens and Sex
How we can help our kids deal with the temptations of sex.

Week 12

Missing God in the Suburbs
Finding the spiritual edge in the midst of comfort, choice, and clutter.

Week 13

We Really Do Need Another Bible Translation
As good as many modern versions are, they often do not allow us to hear what the Holy Spirit actually said.

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