Confronting Sexual Addiction

Confronting Sexual Addiction

This is a call for greater resolve among followers of Christ to shed light on a growing problem.

Sex sells. At $57 billion per year, pornography generates more revenue in America than the combined income generated by pro football, baseball, and basketball, according to But this is not an excuse—we must recognize that lust isolates, explores multiple lives, and fosters shame.

This study affirms that sexuality comes under God's kingdom rule. This is a call for greater resolve among followers of Christ to shed light on the problem, stop feeding it, and to be honest about where it will take us. Finally, it points us back to the cross to remind us how much God loves us, even in our failures.

Session One

Telling the Truth
Article 1: The War Within - The Anatomy of Lust
Sex not only sells, but it is an easy access product, thanks to the internet. The highest goals of our culture are to be sexually attractive and to pursue sexual pleasure. Is it any wonder that in this atmosphere a great number of us become possessed by sex itself?

Session Two

Applying the Truth
Article 2: The War Within Continues
Living in other worlds. Navigating between reality and fantasy. Exploring multiple lives. Sexual addiction forces us to live a fiction between two worlds. But as our sexuality comes under God's kingdom rule, we must reconnect with the realities of God, community, and marriage.

Session Three

Hearing the Truth
Article 3: Gutsy Guilt
Lust isolates. It operates in a private world of fantasy, and it is a difficult sin to share with others. So in this atmosphere of shame, in a state of self-exile, our barometer for faith becomes lust. Even in sexual failure, is Christ our way-maker? Our substitute? Our restorer?

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