Biblical Marriage 101

Biblical Marriage 101

Use this 13-session marriage course to discuss how to express grace and love to one another.

This 13-session course on marriage will be ideal for your Sunday school quarterly curriculum or to use in your small group. It covers such topics as learning to appreciate your spouse, money matters, faith, handling conflict, sex, communication, and compromise. Most of all it will help couples know how to express grace and love to one another.

Week 1

Learning to Appreciate Our Spouse
How can we train ourselves to value our spouse?

Week 2

When Money Comes Between Us
Solving marital conflict over money.

Week 3

Faith as the Marriage Glue
What does God really add to a marriage?

Week 4

Glorify God Together: A Marriage of Purpose
How can our marriage be in one accord, so that with one heart and voice we glorify God?

Week 5

Your Spouse—Friend or Foe?
Don't let your differences divide you.

Week 6

Romantic Sexuality
True romance follows God's design for marriage and for us as created beings.

Week 7

Overcome Obstacles to Communication
How to talk to your spouse.

Week 8

Communicate Love to Your Spouse
How do we communicate love to our spouse in ways that are recognized and appreciated?

Week 9

Avoid Miscommunication
How can we avoid the miscommunication traps that are so destructive in marriage?

Week 10

Hurtful Words Start Inside
Where do hurtful words start, and how can they be stopped?

Week 11

The Importance of Compromise
How do communication and self-sacrifice aid in compromise?

Week 12

Grace Connects Men and Women
How can an ancient biblical concept—grace—transform marriage in the information age?

Week 13

Sex and the Christian Couple
What's okay—and what's not—in a Christian marriage?

Total number of pages -- 139

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