Bible Translation

Bible Translation

This 3-week course discusses important and oft-debated Bible translation questions.

The following 3-session course will help you and your group think about important and hotly debated Bible translation questions like: Is the Bible still accurate and relevant? Do we need another Bible translation? Should we be skeptical about new Bible translations?

Week One

We Really Do Need Another Bible Translation
good as many modern versions are, they often do not allow us to hear what the Holy Spirit actually said.

Week Two

Bible Translation Under Fire
Testing the merits of the new gender-sensitive TNIV.

Week Three

The Undiminished Accuracy of Scripture
Why you can still set your life by it.

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Bible Study that Sticks
Bible Study that Sticks
New research in cognitive psychology shows us how to help people remember what they read.
Resource Review: Logos 6
Resource Review: Logos 6
A tool filled with resources for in-depth Bible study
God, the One and Only
Depend on our solid-rock and safe-harbor.
Falling in Love with God
Reflecting on the beautiful attributes of God
Community Through the Word
Community Through the Word
It's important to read the Bible together.