An Unremarkable Testimony

An Unremarkable Testimony

Some of us can’t pinpoint a moment of conversion, and that’s okay.

Those who were raised in the Christian faith may have trouble narrowing down when exactly they first believed. From the time of their earliest memories, Scripture and church teachings dominated what they thought about God and how they approached life. If they never strayed from those teachings, it's hard to pinpoint when and how they became Christians, which can lead to doubt. But as this study points out, our "unremarkable testimonies" can foster certainty and thankfulness instead of insecurity.

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Scripture: Proverbs 1; Romans 3:9-26; 2 Timothy 1:1-14

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Identify the Current Issue

Discover the Eternal Principles

-Teaching point one: Having an unremarkable testimony is a blessing.

-Teaching point two: Having an unremarkable testimony means you've never been in prolonged rebellion against God.

-Teaching point three: Having an unremarkable testimony may help a person understand sin even more profoundly.

Apply Your Findings

Based on: "Humdrum Hallelujah" by Megan Hill, Christianity Today, December 2014

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