A Counterculture for the Common Good

A Counterculture for the Common Good

This six-session course asks how Christians can live as a counterculture of Christ-likeness.

The Christian Vision Project, sponsored by Christianity Today International, is asking a select group of creative Christian thinkers—pastors, scholars, artists, and activists—one big question: How can followers of Christ be a counterculture for the common good? This project highlights Christian leaders who model faithfulness, creativity, and commitment at a crucial moment in the history of the church. We at ChristianBibleStudies.com have taken six of these articles from Christianity Today, Leadership, and Books & Culture and developed a six-session course from them to discover what the Bible has to say about these topics and to aid in the discussion.

Session 1

Justice for All, One at a Time
What is God's view of people in need?

Session 2

Living in a Culture of Sexual Immorality
Our response can invite or dissuade others to redemption.

Session 3

The Church's Highest Calling: Faithfulness
We may be nearer to colluding with culture than changing it.

Session 4

Counterculturally Relevant
A new way of thinking about how Christians can influence culture.

Session 5

Tilting at the Windmills of Culture
Can we realistically fight against culture?

Session 6

The Spiritual Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep
What are the motives behind and the consequences of sleep deprivation?

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