Are You Stuck in Sin?

Are You Stuck in Sin?

Break free from sin with the power of Jesus.


Becoming a Christian is such a joyous event. We've been given new life and feel that we truly are a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17). Our sins are forgiven and we've been washed clean.

But then our old nature begins asserting itself. We still have that temper problem. We still battle lust. We are still plagued by guilt. What happened to the new life? Why do we feel trapped by the old one?

The problem, of course, is as old as mankind. We must battle our old nature, as Paul says in Romans 7. And we certainly can't do it on our own. As Paul proclaims in Romans 8, only Christ can set us free through the power of his indwelling Holy Spirit.

This download will give you perspective and tools to begin to access the Holy Spirit's power to break being stuck in sin and to victoriously win this battle.

Battling the Old Nature
by JoHannah Reardon

Leader's Guide
How to use this resource for a group study.

Fighting Sin
It's not time to rest yet.
by Jennie Allen with Amy Simpson

Are You Lustful, Gluttonous, or Slothful?
Spiritual formation is not just about reading your Bible and praying.
by Gregg R. Allison

Understanding Lust
There is a fundamental problem with using the term "desire" or "sexual desire" as the starting point when developing a suitable, practical definition of lust.
by Jim Vander Spek

How to Deal with Bitterness
Breathe on my hardened heart, Lord.
by Anne Peterson

How to Bring About Repentance
How have great Christian leaders of the past talked about repentance?
by Lyle Dorsett

We Can Have Victory
What does it mean to be dead to sin?
by Brandon O'Brien

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