Abba Changes Everything

Abba Changes Everything

Adoption isn’t simply another good thing Christians do, or even an avenue to evangelism. It’s an illustration of the kingdom of God.


With all the financial and emotional barriers to hurdle, some Christians view adoption as being only for a few people who are specially called, as in: "The few, the proud, the adopters!" And indeed not everyone can adopt. Adoption agencies, both in one's homeland and overseas, generally have stringent requirements. Some of us don't have the resources to qualify, even if we want to adopt. Others of us, who do have those resources, feel called to spend them elsewhere. Adoption for many in the church falls into the category of "optional extra," good for some but not binding on the rest. However, adoption is for every Christian, because every Christian has been adopted by God the Father. Our adoption into the family of God is a central fact of our salvation. This fact affects how we relate with God, with fellow Christians, and with people outside the community of faith-including children and youths who need parents. Russell D. Moore's article for Christianity Today , "Abba Changes Everything: Why every Christian is called to rescue orphans," tells how adoption is a life-changer on multiple levels.

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SCRIPTURE: Matthew 7:7-11; 25:31-40; Romans 8:12-17; Galatians 3:23-4:7; James 1:19-27


• Identify the Current Issue

• Discover the Eternal Principles

-Teaching point one: Human fathers, flawed and sinful as they are, nevertheless demonstrate something of God's love.

-Teaching point two: How we treat the needy reflects our status before God.

-Teaching point three: God's adoption of us brings pain and pleasure.

-Teaching point four: Christians are to live as adopted children, without divisions.

-Teaching point five: Orphan care is a mark of true Christianity.

• Apply Your Findings

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• "Abba Changes Everything", by Russell D. Moore (2010)

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