6 Principles for Women Leaders (6 session study)

6 Principles for Women Leaders (6 session study)

This study helps women find strength, love, and a vision for their ministry.

Do you have a vision for your ministry? Are you overwhelmed with the enormity of your leadership responsibilities? How can we support one another in our busyness and strengthen our call? And what about women who don't feel like they belong in their own church? Are there creative ways to encourage individual growth? If these questions strike a nerve, you're not alone.

Women in leadership are capable people. Yet in order to fulfill what God has planned for our lives, we must submit to his way of doing things. We need to slow down so that we can listen, trust, prepare, and wait for God. Only then will we see the divine fulfillment of the dreams he has placed in our hearts.

Session One

Becoming Visionary
Learn how to serve as an effective leader in your church.
Exodus 3:10–14; 4:1–5, 10–14; 1 Kings 3:5–10; Nehemiah 1:1–11; 2:1–5; Matthew 20:25–28; Acts 6:1–7; Titus 1:5–9; 2:11–15

Session Two

Serving in God's Power
God can accomplish great things through us when we are submitted to his purpose.
Genesis 13:14–18; Joshua 1:1–9; Matthew 28:16–20

Session Three

Customizing Spiritual Formation
How do we develop a plan for spiritual formation that will foster lasting life change?
2 Chronicles 34; Psalm 119:1–18, 54; Daniel 6:4–13; Matthew 14:6–23; Acts 2:42–47

Session Four

Rethinking Women's Ministry
Many women feel they don't fit into today's women's ministry programs. How can we help them belong?
Joshua 2:1–21; Ruth 1:1–18; Psalm 139; Mark 14:3–9; Luke 10:38–42; John 4:7–26

Session Five

Loving Those You Lead
If we are in leadership, we will eventually have to learn to love the unlovely.
Mark 6:1–5; Luke 9:57–62; 14:1–13; 18:35–42; 1 Corinthians 13:4–7; Ephesians 4:29–32

Session Six

Finding Strength
Women in leadership build effectiveness by depending on the strength of others.
Exodus 17:8–13; Psalm 68:9–19; Isaiah 41:8–14; 49:1–7; John 15:9–17

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