The Emotional, Relational, and Spiritual Health of the Small Group Leader

The Emotional, Relational, and Spiritual Health of the Small Group Leader

Mindy Caliguire is an author and co-founder of Soul Care

With a long history in ministry, Mindy Caliguire is a leading voice in the realm of soul care. In our busy, checklist, live-on-mission culture—for far too many people—breathing deeply, slowing down, and living as a whole person of faith is a misty dream. In 1998, Mindy and her husband, Jeff, founded Soul Care as a ministry “dedicated to helping people to restore health to their souls.” Since that time, she has written, trained, coached, and modeled a new (and yet ancient) way to live. Even if you are a leader far from the edge of burning out or breaking down this is for you! So, grab a cup of coffee, find a comfortable chair, and for the next several moments let Mindy care for your soul.

Mindy, the care of the soul has been your passion for over twenty years. What first motivated you to focus your life and ministry on this important topic?

It all started with my own recovery from severe soul neglect. As I got healthy, I began to realize how many faithful followers of Jesus, and often leaders, were also suffering from toxic and unsustainable ways of doing life and ministry. So, it all came from that season and God’s delightful invitation to life.

Who are some of the key voices who have influenced you as you journey in this ministry?

There have been so many! Henry Cloud, Lynne Hybels, Gerald May, Thomas Kelly, John Ortberg, and Dallas Willard. More recently, Jim Wilder, Ellen Duffield, Janet Hagburg—so many amazing people.

The word “health,” when it’s connected to other terms like emotional, relational, and spiritual, can mean different things to different people. It’s important that we start here. How do you define “health?”

When we speak of healthy economy ...

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