14 Ways to Say Thank You to Small-Group Leaders

Small-group leaders are the engine behind every small-group ministry. Most are volunteers giving several hours of their week to prepare for and pour into their group members. This week, we have 14 ways to show thanks to your small-group leaders.

  1. Gift cards: $5-10 dollars to a favorite coffee shop or eatery goes a long way in saying thank you
  2. Birthday cards: set up a reminder for each leaders birthday
  3. Fill a water tumbler with candy and wrap a note around the straw
  4. Recognize years of service with a token of appreciation
  5. Verbal thank you: you can never say thank you enough
  6. Group dinner for all leaders (On a budget…just go for dessert)
  7. Fun day out for all leaders (arcade, miniature golf, BBQ, bowling, etc.)
  8. Recognize leaders at weekend services: allow them to stand or even a quick slideshow with their pictures
  9. Schedule breaks in between small-group sessions: give your leaders a chance to breathe and recharge
  10. Gift bag/basket (pick a theme: movie, dinner, games, book, spa, regional favorites, Amazon, tea/coffee, summer)
  11. Baked goods: buy them or bake them, it’s the thought that counts
  12. Check Pinterest for inexpensive, yet creative gift ideas
  13. Thank you postcards with a handwritten note: it’s nice to get something in the mail besides bills and junk mail
  14. Have group members write thank you notes: compile them and present to the group leader.

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